Trophy Rock: My choice for natural mineral supplementation

Dec 18

Trophy Rock: My choice for natural mineral supplementation

Have you read the article on Trophy Rock in the June 2012 issue of Inside Archery?  If not, and you have any interest in maximizing the antler size of the bucks you hunt simply click on the Trophy Rock ad at the top of my blog.  As a HUGE fan of capitalism and business, I also enjoyed the story on the history and entrepreneurial drive of the company.

I’ve been known to say that my job security as a consultant is a function of how “unique” I can make my clients’ properties.  As a private consultant, I’m free to employ any and all wildlife management tools and techniques available to me.  As a result I’m constantly seeking new products and testing new “techniques” to stay ahead of the curve.   I’m fortunate to have an open line of communication with the folks who produce and sell products; some good and some bad.  As an independent consultant I’m oftentimes asked to “trial” these products and offer my honest opinion.  This may sound like a great “job” but I can assure you there’s a certain amount of pressure to remain independent and inform someone who is passionate about their product that it just doesn’t make MY cut.  After all, all of my clients are on a budget (varying levels) and there’s a limit to what we can spend money on.  Trophy Rock is one product that’s a no brainer.

I can recall mixing my own “mineral stations” as a teenager.  Like many, I bought commercially available products and I also played around with my own concoctions.  Both pretty much resulted in a big hole where deer mined for minerals that lacked in their diets.  However, one thing I recall is how utilization of these stations was confined primarily to the spring and early summer months.  When I started using Trophy Rocks many years ago I immediately noticed year-round utilization through my trail camera photos.  As a biologist this excited me.  While it’s not my intention to get into the technical side of mineral supplementation in this blog entry, I will note that it doesn’t matter how great the products you offer your deer are if utilization is confined to a few months out of the year.

While spending time with my clients on their properties I always include the products that have proven effective in my recommendations.  For several years now I’ve recommended Trophy Rock and the trail camera photos that come over are nothing short of spectacular.  They are thrilled with the results and I’m thrilled to see those pictures of bucks, does and fawns using the rocks every month of the year!  Heavy, year-round utilization of a natural product that offers more than 60 trace minerals that benefit herd health is a product I will continue to recommend to clients!

Speaking of trail camera pictures be sure to go to Trophy Rocks home page and read about their trail cam contest and your chance to win a hunt and other great prizes.

As always, I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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