Previewing CropCare ATV Sprayer with Foam Markers!

Jan 15

Previewing CropCare ATV Sprayer with Foam Markers!

Equipment “Pre”view: CropCare ATV and 3pt Sprayers

Words can’t begin to explain my level of excitement right now!  I always say that truly managing deer and other wildlife as it’s intended to be is a 365 day project.  I’m addicted to the process just as much as I am the hunting aspect.  Each year, as soon as the hunting season ends (just happens to be TODAY!) my attention turns to improving on the previous year.  I started early this year because I had a great deal of frustrations this year while spraying herbicides on my food plots.  I continually seek advances in equipment and techniques.  In this blog entry I’d like to share a new “equipment review”…or I guess in this case, an “equipment preview”,  and the results of my meeting with the folks at Crop Care in Lititz, PA.

I just met with Galen Martin of CropCare.  CropCare is a Paul B. Zimmerman Inc. company.  They manufacture sprayers of all sizes: from the 25 gallon ATV sprayers that are popular with “food plotters” to those giant 1,000 gallon agricultural sprayers that make us “food plotters” jealous!

My meeting with Crop Care was timely as I’m frustrated with the25 gallon ATV/UTV sprayers that I currently use on my smaller plots on my PA and NY farms.  In fact, I have to keep an older FIMCO sprayer around for enough parts to keep one working for me.  I’m overdue for a reliable ATV sprayer and I have a feeling that my new CropCare sprayer will save me valuable time that was lost last season as I wrestled with that FIMCO!

How many times have you watched the large scale farmers in your area utilize those foam markers at the ends of their giant spraying booms to eliminate overlaps (throwing money away) and skips (providing an optimal weed proliferation environment!)?  I’ve wanted foam markers for my ATV sprayer for 11 years and now, thanks to CropCare, we have that option!  I’m really looking forward to this option in 2013!

For those of you looking for 3pt hitch style sprayers CropCare has you covered with 55, 110 and 150 gallon options.  They also have 40 & 60 gallon ATX sprayers for your utility vehicle.

If you’re attending the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA (and I suggest you do!) look up the boys at CropCare and ask them about the ATV sprayer Jason @ Drop-Tine is so excited about.  By the way, I also have plans to test their 3pt models on the back of my New Holland!

In the meantime, I’ll dream about laying foam down on freshly germinating Chickweed and the giant antlers of 2013!

Happy New Year!
Jason R. Snavely, CWB
Certified Wildlife Biologist

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