Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting Seminar

Mar 06

Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting Seminar

To Register, call Brandon @ 570-394-6804

Deer Management Seminar

Spend the day discussing food plots and everything deer management with wildlife consultant and Certified Wildlife Biologist Jason R. Snavely. Featuring “Shooting From The Hip” open forum session designed for you to ask questions that address your property management needs. Gain valuable food plot strategies just in time to incorporate them into your 2014 spring plots!



Drop-Tine Wildlife Seminar Series: It’s Your Journey!


  • Want do know more about warm season food plots, cool season food plots, annuals, perennials? 
  • Frustrated with weeds?
  • Problems with heavy browsing too early in the food plot?
  • Wondering about supplemental feeding?
  • Questions about antler restrictions?
  • How do you know which products and equipment are best suited for your wildlife management situation?
  • How many does should you harvest? Or should you harvest any does on your property?
Spend the day with Certified Wildlife Biologist, Jason Snavely from Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting. This seminar is a perfect opportunity for property managers to come and learn how to maximize their benefits of wildlife management efforts, while at the same time, paying a small fraction of the cost to hire a Certified Wildlife Biologist for a full-day of consulting.
This seminar will cover the topics listed above and more, PLUS, large amounts of time have been dedicated to SHOOT FROM THE HIP and OPEN FORUM style discussion, so you will be able to have your questions answered and benefit from having others ask questions, most likely relating to your property.

April 12, 2014
8 AM – 5 PM
Bloomsburg, PA

$195/person (includes lunch)




If you own or represent a company associated with food plots and you would like to be a part of our workshops in any way please call Jason @ (570) 204-4064.  Our ultimate goal is to provide maximum value, information, and options for our students.

To Register, call Brandon @ 570-394-6804

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