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The first step we take with our clients is to sit down and establish realistic goals and objectives for their management programs.  Typically, it’s relatively simple to come to an agreement on where they want to be three or five years down the road.  However, it’s often too complex for the average hunter/landowner to accurately assess the current conditions of the deer herd and habitat conditions on his land.  To successfully attain your three or five year goals, you must know what your starting point is.  In other words, where are we today?

Important questions to ask include:

  1. What is the current estimated deer density on MY PROPERTY?
  2. Is this density too high or too low?
  3. What is the sex ratio (buck:doe) of MY DEER HERD?
  4. What is the buck age structure on MY PROPERTY?
  5. What is the fawn recruitment like on MY PROPERTY?
  6. How many deer and of which sex can we harvest on MY PROPERTY this year?
  7. How many bucks on my property each year fall under the “shooter” category?
  8. Which bucks are off limits to hunters because they are immature?

Obtaining annual estimates of the size and composition of your deer herd is extremely important when assessing the success of your management program.  If your annual camera surveys don’t improve over time we are failing to do our job correctly and adjustments are required or we are out of a job!

Once your camera survey is complete and your results are summarized by Drop-Tine the only question to ask is: How do we get where we want to be?  The answer is simple: layout a site specific deer management program for your property.  Refer to the consulting service offered by Drop-Tine Wildlife for the answers to this question.



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