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Food Plot Design, Installation and Management

Tired of crop failures or having to replant your food plots every year?  Confused by what your soil test results are telling you?  Not sure where to install your food plots or what forage species to plant?  What about lime application rates, fertilizer rates, selective and nonselective herbicides?  Do you have questions relating to mowing and weed identification and management?  Perhaps you don’t own any equipment but you want to improve your hunting through high quality, year round food plots.

The truth is just about every northern property owner who manages his own food plots has problems that are limiting the quality and productivity of his/her food plots.  Choose Drop-Tine to get it done right the first time.  We can jump in at any point in the game and we guarantee satisfaction.  Slots are limited during the food plot season so contact us today for rates and scheduling.


Mowing Clover

Researching Chicory

Chicory - dry weather insurance policy!

Ready to plant!

Lime Truck

Two passes with the Plot Master

Hunting plot after disking with Summit’s Plot Mule

No-till Drill

First year Tecomate Monster Mix in a woodland plot


Summit’s Plot Mule for small woodland openings

Fertilizer Spreader & Tractor

Precise measurements and data collection

Monitoring Chicory Plots

Managing Weeds With Mowers

Tecomate’s Monster Mix on poor soils

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