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Gaw Reclamation Project: Drop-Tine Reclamation Project - Photos of the Gaw Project & Reclamation Food Plots

Drop-Tine’s Accelerated Reclamation Model – A.R.M yourself, your wildlife, and your land!

This is exciting stuff!  Being on the cutting edge of habitat consulting, Drop-Tine Wildlife has pioneered techniques for developing Marcellus gas well sites into premier habitat for white-tailed deer and other wildlife species

Dear J –

The Marcellus Gas Well Site Reclamation Project Looks Incredible and is certainly the first of its kind specifically engineered for white-tailed deer!

The most common land-owner concern, “What will my property look like after the drilling?” – has just been answered by Drop-Tine!

The development of a Marcellus Gas Well location does not end with a productive well.  The state of PA has established a 5 acre limitation on Marcellus Well disturbances.  Drop-Tine Wildlife (DTW) has gained extensive and valuable experience in the accelerated recovery and reclamation of these sites.  Our plan development process improves land-owner expectations for wildlife engineering and plant selections.  Marcellus site recovery offers land-owners a unique opportunity to improve a property with specific wild-life improvements and enhancements.  Additional acreage can be incorporated into the recovery design to accelerate property development and improvement toward identified species goals.  These goals can be as simple as, enhanced NWSG bedding area creation or as complex as the creation of interior woodland bottlenecks with specific species plantings.  Drop-Tine Reclamation Landscapes can include efforts specific to whitetails, small/upland game, migratory birds and water-fowl.

Always the best,
Ed Gaw
Evans City, PA

Almost a year ago I was informed by a natural gas company that they wanted to install a pipeline on my property to connect some newly constructed wells in the area. We worked out many details in the lease but the one that was most important to me was how the land would be reclaimed. I was concerned with the grading, liming, seeding and fertilizing that would take place after the pipeline was installed. I was assured that a “clover wildlife mix” could be used, if I wanted, on all disturbed land. At the time this was acceptable to me.

I was also told that a hydro-seeding process would be used to lime, fertilize and seed all at the same time. This past spring my land was hydro-seeded with the “clover wildlife mix” and to say I am disappointed is a gross understatement. If you can find clover, it is sparse at best. Thick mats of the hydro-seeding mixture are still in clumps on the ground preventing the seed from growing. Weeds and grasses have taken over the ground.
No soil samples, that I know of, were taken prior to the disturbance or after. I was not told what rate of liming was put down or how much and what type of fertilizer was used. The grading and debris cleanup in several areas would not even allow me to mow without the possible destruction of my equipment. With the benefit of hindsight, I would not allow the gas company to reclaim land on my property again without having the opportunity to use a different contractor.   

This is where Drop-tine Wildlife Consulting came in to the picture.  We had a four year relationship with Drop-Tine prior to learning about their reclamation services.  Knowing their reputation and the results of our deer management program, we immediately brought them on to hear their thoughts and we’ve been thrilled since.  Their knowledge of what it takes to re-vitalize the native vegetation so conditions are better than before the gas company showed up is extremely valuable.  Although the explosion of Marcellus shale activity is very new for many of us, Drop-Tine Wildlife has been working with clients from other parts of the state and country.  Their experiences are valuable and their position on the reclamation learning curve will continue to save me money and aggravation.

- Jim Jenzano - Lycoming County, PA


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