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"Drop-Tine has been active in finding prime hunting properties across the whitetails range...call today for recent properties in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania.  Oftentimes we don't advertise our properties because existing clients buy them up...call Jason today!  (570) 204-4064."


All across the whitetails range avid deer hunters are trying their hands at purchasing and managing their own properties.  Many of these hard working hobby farmers/deer managers are calling on Drop-Tine Wildlife to guide them to their ultimate goal: Whitetail Paradise!

As hunters and land managers we all dream of owning our own piece of deer dirt.  In fact, our dream property is clearly laid out in our minds:  The perfect mix of open, brushy, and wooded acreage with gently rolling topography and a stream or pond.  The forested portion of our property boasts a diverse stand of high quality timber of varying age classes and mast producing species.  Openings are carved out throughout the property from which we will develop lush, green food plots for deer and other wildlife.  The property has a diverse range of habitat types creating and maximizing the amount of edge for wildlife.  Of course the property currently has a healthy deer herd and oh yea, one more thing: PLENTY OF BIG MATURE BUCKS!

Due to popular demand, Drop-Tine offers three options when it comes to hunting properties.

1. Drop-Tine Approved Hunting Properties

Increasingly, hunters are seeking our advice BEFORE they make that leap to purchase their dream property.  Clients who have utilized this service express their extreme satisfaction because we have been able to steer their decision making process so that the end result is not a lot of wasted money.  Drop-Tine biologists and associates will work with your goals, objectives, and budget to place you with your dream property.

2. Drop-Tine Hunting Property Acquisition Assistance

With a considerable amount of real estate experience, Drop-Tine biologists and associates can provide negotiating leverage and insight into the “tricks of the trade” when buying recreational property.

3. Drop-Tine Deer Developments

Finally, the most exciting service of the properties division is our Deer Development service.  Drop-Tine Biologists and associates conduct rigorous searches and countless hours locating and studying individual tracts of land that promise to provide incredible hunting experiences.  Ultimately, we select only those properties that are sure to satisfy with a little bit of infrastructure and management.  These properties are purchased by Drop-tine and its associates and developed into deer hunting paradise.  If you are like many hunters and you get in the game early, we can develop to suit.   Your best bet is to call today about this exciting and rapidly growing opportunity.

In a popular article written by Drop-Tine President, Jason R. Snavely, titled “Buying Deer Dirt”, Jason details the following interesting yet unfortunate scenario.  It was this defining moment that led Jason to develop the Enhanced and Improved Properties Division of Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting.

I stood and watched, as I had many times before, as the farm of every deer hunter’s dreams was being auctioned.  The auctioneer continued and the three bidding parties shrunk to two.  “They quit making large tracts like this folks,” the auctioneer prodded.  The two remaining bidders studied aerial photos of the property layout as if searching for some way to define their maximum bid.  As the bidders grew more and more hesitant to give their affirmative nods, the auctioneer allowed them five minutes to think it over, hoping that the battle would resume at a faster pace when the bidding re-opened.

During the break, a friend of mine introduced me to one of the bidders.  My friend explained to the bidder that I assist landowners with their deer management programs.  When I asked him for his plans for a property like this one, he said “We just like to hunt!”  This surprised me since most large land parcels in this particular area end up in the hands of investors looking to subdivide into smaller tracts….When it was all said and done, my new friend had purchased the property for nearly three quarters of a million dollars: a great deal in this particular region!

As  I shook his hand and congratulated him, he said, “So, does this area have big deer?”  At that moment I realized just how popular deer hunting is becoming.  This gentleman had just spent three quarters of a million dollars on hunting property, and he didn’t know the first thing about the potential of the property or even that region of the state!

More hunters are becoming aware of the fact that they can save themselves a great deal of time, money, and aggravation if they do their homework on the front end of a property acquisition. One of the most common requests I get now as a private consultant is for assistance with finding that perfect piece of deer dirt.

With present supply and demand for quality hunting and recreational property, land costs are increasing at breakneck speeds.  Request assistance from Drop-Tine today, before you make your dream purchase!  Drop-Tine clients who utilize our acquisition assistance service and purchase Drop-Tine Enhanced and Improved Properties get a jump start on those who blindly buy and hope!

Contact Drop-Tine today for property acquisition assistance or to be matched with one of our Enhanced and Improved Properties.



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