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Food Plot Research and Demonstration Facility Short Course Schedule

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The Drop-Tine Food Plot and Habitat Demonstration and Research Facility is truly one of a kind and a MUST SEE FOR ALL DEER ENTHUSIASTS!  Furthermore, it’s the only facility of its kind in the country.  The 100 acre facility was purchased by Drop-Tine President, Jason R. Snavely, with four main objectives in mind:


1. To independently study food plot forage varieties and determine which varieties perform best in northern regions of the whitetails range. 

Rationale: Unfortunately, many of the top wildlife seed companies are southern based companies with very little northern backed research steering the development of the cultivars or forage species that ultimately end up in seed bags.  With so many choices the average landowner doesn’t know which products do best in his region.

2. To independently test and demonstrate all products related to the food plot and habitat management industry.

Rationale: As food plots continue to gain popularity across the north, food plot products and equipment are in high demand.  Many consumers have contacted us with questions about which type of ATV disk, tractor, or sprayer to buy or who makes the best trail camera.  Our facility will provide an independent northern battle ground for today’s top products to slug it out.

3. To open the facility to the public and media for educational purposes by offering food plot seminars, short courses, and two or three day food plot and habitat management courses.

Rationale: The idea for this facility came from our clients.  Drop-Tine clients have asked and we are delivering!  The public can now access an independent research and demonstration facility for answers to northern food plot and habitat management issues.

4. To assemble the countries leading deer managers, biologists, and scientists to share their knowledge and experience through short courses, demonstrations, and seminars.

Rationale: Provide one venue for the public to absorb information related to food plots, deer management, and habitat management from the countries best of the best.  Topics such as liming, fertilizing, herbicides, seeding methods, food plot maintenance, species profiles, record keeping, nutritional requirements, native habitat enhancement, weed management, mowing, wildlife cover, seed bed preparation, soil moisture, soil temperatures, camera surveys, hunting strategies, how you can conduct your own study plots on your property, and many more!

WHAT MAKES OUR FACILITY UNIQUE?  The answer is simple: it’s the only independent research and demonstration facility in the country that provides an equal opportunity for all food plot and wildlife management-related products to display their potential.  Any company whose products are related to food plot or wildlife and habitat management is welcome to participate.  Company representatives are welcome to schedule an appointment to visit the facility to ask questions, make comments, or see how their product stacks up against the competition.

A list of some, but not all, of the products that are welcome to the facility include food plot seed, ATV implements, tractors and all farming equipment, hunting/observation blinds, trail cameras, corn and protein feeders, mapping programs, mineral supplements, GPS/GIS technology, camouflage, computer software, food plot defense strategies/products etc.

Private tours and use of the research and demonstration grounds for meetings and short courses are available by contacting us to schedule your event.  The facility is open to the media.  Call for an appointment.


Laying out the research plots at the Food Plot Research and Demonstration Facility.

A shot of the woods on the facility.

A great picture of us spraying Round Up herbicide at the research facility on May 1st 2007. The big project is underway!


Me after breaking in the brand new New Holland TN60DA at the Research and Demonstration Facility.

A great picture before I bought the facility...

Another good one of the facility.

A really good photo of one of the research fields

The research and demo facility was farmed for agricultural crops for many years prior to my acquisition. This high quality ground will be used to research food plot forages.

Deerscaping deer dirt! Freshly plowed food plot.

Great photo of a lime truck spreading lime on one of the research plots.


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