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MAY 10, 2013 Food Plot Seminar
Conference: 2013 Forest Landowners Conference – The Future of Penn’s Woods
Venue: Blair County Convention Center, Altoona, PA
TITLE/TOPICS COVERED - FOOD PLOTS - Food Source Management: Developing a year-round food plot program primarily geared toward white-tailed deer.  The talk would detail the importance of maximizing the health of white-tailed deer 365 days a year, identifying nutritional bottle necks and matching the proper food plot cultivar for each critical time period.  I will discuss the importance of providing maximum tonnage during the growing season by using high yielding warm season annuals (WSA) as well as the key role that cool season annuals (CSA) play in building body mass and preparing bucks for winter and rut-related stress.  Finally, I will discuss why winter hardy perennials are vital to rebuilding rut and winter stressed whitetails.  No food plot talk should go on without mention of a proper fertility program as well as some heavy hitting crops.  I have plenty of photos documenting our success on the research facility and on client’s properties.

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If you are looking for cutting edge information on managing the deer where you hunt Jason’s seminars are a must see!  Providing an enthusiastic approach to deer management, Jason is sure to send you back to your hunting property with enough knowledge to make drastic improvements to the level of enjoyment and success you experience.

Hunting club clients of mine receive annual seminars on the status of their deer management program that includes harvest and observation data summaries and analysis, whether or not they attained their harvest goals of both bucks and does, areas for improvement of their management program, new research that relates to their situation, and my harvest recommendations for the current hunting season and habitat enhancement projects for the next off season. Members or board members are then given one on one time to ask questions or comment about various aspects of their management program.

As a private consultant traveling the whitetail’s range, Jason’s gladly shares his experiences and insight on producing your own “whitetail paradise”.  Jason commonly gives seminars and short courses on food plots, hunting property design/layout, infrared-triggered camera surveys, Quality Deer Management, Trophy Deer Management, hunting property acquisitions, deer herd modeling and management, aging live bucks, and many more!  Call or email today for rates and available dates.


Jason, Thank you for accepting our invitation to speak at our Club's 4th Annual Big Game Awards Banquet.  Because of the aggressive invasion of the Marcellus gas industry and it's impact on thousands of acres of farmland and wooded properties in Bradford County, your program demonstrating proven techniques to reclaim and enhance the disturbance, was extremely comforting.  I wish I could be as comfortable as you are up there.  I wanted you to know that the very next morning after your program,  I pulled the SD card from my Cuddeback camera and found this image.  I thought of you immediately because of the drilling activity beside our heifer barn in the background. 

- Roger Kingsley / Founder, Bradford County Trophy Deer and Bear Club

Thank you, Jason, for the two excellent presentations that you gave at the deer management short course.  Your presentation style was very well received by the audience.  You also come across with a sense of confidence and a breadth of knowledge and experience that is hard to beat.  I would highly recommend you to others needing information on deer biology, carrying capacity, quality deer management, and trail cameras. Thanks again for all of the information you presented, the audience really gained a lot from it.

- Dave Jackson, Forest Resources Extension Educator - Penn State Cooperative Extension

Jason’s seminars define the concepts of Quality Deer Management.  His cutting edge deer management information along with his town hall meeting style of presentation is sure to please all.  His passion for deer and deer management is evident once he gets started and he is hard to stop.  Keep up the good work!

- E.W. Grimes, President/Director - Maryland State Chapter QDMA

The “food plot rage” in Pennsylvania has increased dramatically since the Pennsylvania Game Commission placed an antler size restriction on all whitetail bucks in most areas, and changed the focus from managing a “quantity” whitetail herd to a “quality” whitetail herd, one that is balanced with available habitat, with deer health, size, age, and nutrition all increasing as a result of this new management.  Many landowners have become interested in aiding the health, size, and nutrition of local whitetail herds by incorporating food plots into their landscape management plans.  Mr. Jason Snavely, Consulting Wildlife Biologist with Drop Tine Wildlife Consulting in Millville, PA, recently provided a very informative presentation on the proper planning and implementation of food plots into the Pennsylvania forested landscape.  Mr. Snavely’s presentation comprehensively covered the science of the relationship between a sustainable, quality deer herd, and the nutrition and habitat management for that herd.  Critical steps involved in creating and maintaining a successful food plot on a variety of sites, as well as identification of proper forage to use, seeding methods, and soil requirements were just some of the informative highlights of Mr. Snavely’s presentation.  Much of the guesswork and questions regarding successful food plot establishment and resulting deer health and quality increase were put to rest at the conclusion of the presentation.  Landowners attending the presentation who took good notes will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the future of their local white-tailed deer herd and other desirable wildlife populations.

- Andrew Duncan, DCNR - Luzerne County Service Forester



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