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About the Consulting Biologist

Jason R. Snavely is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and founder of Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting.  Drop-Tine was started in 2001 with the sole purpose of helping private landowners realize their dreams for incredible hunting. 

Jason’s deer management philosophy is to maximize the number of top end, mature bucks on every property while maintaining quality habitats andhealthy herd conditions. 

Sonora Mexico Coues’ Deer

During his first decade of private land consulting Jason quickly realized that even small tracts can yield great results.  In fact, theories on minimum acreage requirements have been completely debunked as small tracts produceconsistent and amazing results. 

British Columbia Whitetail

In 2006 Jason began purchasing his own small acreage tracts to determine just how far the envelope can bepushed.  The incredible results of his ‘case study properties’ are the model for the proven techniques he applies to client properties acrossthe whitetail’s range. 

Pennsylvania Whitetail

Jason is a passionate hunter and enjoys a mixed bag of biggame critters.  In November 2012 he added another asset to his resume’: filmed TV hunts.  He traveled to the scenic Peace River region of northeastern British Columbia where he killed a tremendous 5 ½ year old brute on film for The Bucks of Tecomate featured on the Outdoor Channel.


I flew Jason down to our hunting property in North Carolina and was blown away with the amount of information and knowledge in his head. When Jason talks about clients requesting one, secure on-line store for guys like me to order all of the products he has put to the test…he’s referring to me! I’ve been urging Jason to develop the droptinestore.com for years and I’m thrilled that he is delivering in a huge way. I’m here to tell you that the products he recommends have been put through vigorous testing by Jason on both his properties as well as his client’s properties throughout the country. I’m expecting huge things from the Drop-Tine Store!

- Donnie Grissom - Rockingham County, NC


Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting, a private consulting company based out of Pennsylvania, has established a reputation as the industry leader in producing healthy deer populations, enhanced hunting experiences, and big bucks.  Drop-Tine President and Wildlife Biologist, Jason R. Snavely, has been called on by hunters and landowners across the whitetails range to establish first class deer management programs.  His success has been driven by the fact that he has built off of his formal education from one of the leading colleges for wildlife sciences: Mississippi State University.  Unlike many new habitat management consultants, Jason has the formal knowledge base to understand the inner workings of your deer herd and management program.


Drop-Tine has the knowledge and experience to offer detailed management plans covering topics such as property design/layout, food plot design, establishment and management, deer herd surveying and population estimation, deer herd demographic studies including buck:doe ratio, buck age structure, and fawn recruitment, hunting property acquisition assistance, herd monitoring/data collection programs, advanced hunting strategies and stand placement, hunter management, deer management cooperatives, native habitat enhancement for enhanced cover, food, and travel, timber management for deer and other wildlife, herbicides, sanctuary location, design, and management, site-specific food plot cultivar selection, equipment requirements and many more.


Drop-Tine’s niche has been to specialize in northern deer management programs.  Two of the services offered by Drop-Tine that are increasingly in high demand include developed deer properties and assistance with selecting site specific food plot forages.  Drop-Tine has a food plot and habitat research and demonstration facility located in Columbia County Pennsylvania and we are working on adding more.  Unlike other demonstration facilities, ours was the first to offer clients hands on experience with all popular food plot forages from all companies that produce quality products.  We even spend extra money to show you why some products just don’t measure up.  Our research trials provide valuable information to help you make the most informed and cost effective decisions when purchasing food plot seed and equipment.  Advance years ahead of your neighbors and call Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting today! Please click here for contact information.



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