About Drop-tine Wildlife Consulting



Jason R. Snavely is a Certified Wildlife Biologist® and the founder of Drop-Tine Wildlife Consulting. He is a leading authority in regenerative wildlife agriculture, dedicated to sustainable and innovative strategies for wildlife food plot design and habitat management.

After graduating from Mississippi State University with a degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Science, Jason has built a reputable career spanning over two decades. He is the creator and host of the esteemed Drop-Tine Podcast, a recognized platform for insightful discussions around wildlife management, hunting, and regenerative wildlife agriculture.

Jason’s consulting services have significantly impacted wildlife management practices across North America. His two decades of collaboration with premier wildlife food plot companies, agronomists, and growers have solidified his expertise in developing region-specific food plot blends for white-tailed deer and other game species. His holistic understanding of the intricate relationships between soil, plants, and the ecosystem has enabled him to lead successful soil health improvement initiatives nationwide.

What distinguishes Jason from others in his industry is his tailored approach to addressing the unique needs of each client and their diverse habitats all across the whitetail’s range. His strategies focus on soil health principles, ecological restoration and regeneration of the land. Jason employs more than two decades of knowledge and experience to apply strategic and proven management by harvesting the right bucks at the right time, resulting in rewarding and productive hunting seasons year in and year out.  Jason’s unique approach to wildlife diseases and wildlife nourishment more accurately follows a model of ‘food as medicine’ and the aggressive removal of chemical toxins.

Beyond professional commitment, Jason’s adherence to the principles of harmonious coexistence with nature is a defining aspect of his personal life. He embodies a daily commitment to living in concert with the natural environment, deeply enriching his professional perspective.

If you’re pursuing expert guidance to redefine your relationship with nature and wildlife, Jason offers transformative solutions. Contact him today to embark on a journey towards restored, synergistic and balanced deer and wildlife management.