I travel extensively throughout North America, working with farmers, ranchers and land holders to advance the health of the ecosystems they manage. To advance ecosystem health and all of the wildlife that lives in it, takes extensive knowledge of how the principles of soil health drive the ecosystem processes. Jason Snavely has that knowledge. He understands that healthy wildlife populations are the result of healthy ecosystems.  You can trust Drop-tine Seed Company!

Gabe Brown, Regenerative Agriculture Educator



If you think Jason is pushing the envelope in wildlife food plots- you are right! But he does so in an educated and calculated way that will direct you on the path to harvesting big, healthy bucks. You can be assured that the Drop-Tine Seed Company has done its due diligence in sourcing the best value seed grown in healthy soils. Jason has pioneered cutting edge methods that produce regenerative verified food plots! 

Steve Groff, The Cover Crop Coach



I have worked with Jason for several years now and have always been impressed with his drive to further his understanding of food plot management in conjunction with soil and plant ecology. We have had many conversations regarding the best approach to implementing soil regenerative practices for his customers on an individual case. His customers can rest assured that he takes his commitment to them personally and will strive to find the right solution for their land.

Dr. Rick Haney


Jason Snavely sources and blends plant seeds in ways that help people create nourishing mixtures of plant species for wildlife and livestock. He sources seeds from growers who are making a concerted effort to farm in Nature’s image using regenerative practices and soil health principles. Jason understands that plants turn dirt into soil and diverse mixtures of plants turn soil into homes, grocery stores, and pharmacies for all life below and above ground. Through his informative-rich podcasts and experience-based consulting, he is helping people to understand and implement nature-based practices that create health from the ground up. I am delighted to see the work Jason is doing, I fully support and trust his evidence- and experience-based recommendations, and you will too. 

Fred Provenza, Professor Emeritus
Dept. Wildland Resources, Utah State University



Jason Snavely is a leading advocate for managing recreational hunting properties under a regenerative model.  I have worked with Jason for a number of years alongside his clients to help reduce the large amounts of inputs being put into food plots and surrounding fields.  He is intimately familiar with soil tests such as Haney and PLFA and he knows how to utilize soil test results to maximize plant health and wildlife nutrition as it relates to soil health. Jason is really pushing the boundaries of wildlife management under the regenerative model.  He is truly a pioneer in the discipline of integrating regenerative agriculture and soil health practices in wildlife landscapes.

Lance Gunderson, President
Regen Ag Lab, LLC


I’ve been working with Jason for over 18 years on my farms in Iowa and Pennsylvania. Rather than follow the pack in the whitetail world, he continues to bring innovative ideas and new insights to the food plot and seed industry. In recent years, his focus on plant diversity, soil health and regenerative farming have those of us who follow those practices impressed with the results. Your goal should always be to differentiate your property from your neighbors’. Jason’s relentless pursuit to source and blend only the highest quality food plot seeds and put those products in complementary blends is step one in the process. When you add these products to his knowledge of deer habitats and biology, it’s a deadly combination!

Jim Jenzano
Iowa & Pennsylvania

Jason is a visionary who really gets it.

I am an orthopedic surgeon specializing in trauma and limb reconstruction. At work I am dedicated to bone health where diet is a crucial element. At home, personal health and the health of my family consumes my time. My wife, Ivette, is functional nutritionist, chef, and physical therapist whose passion and focus lies on healthspan and longevity through nutrition and exercise. She envisioned being a part of the regenerative agricultural movement which started with buying a farm. Our daughter, Fiona, worked as a WWOOFer on a regenerative farm and was the catalyst for our decision to buy land. She is in medical school and has a dream to integrate farming with medicine (regenerative health care) by opening a clinic on the property some day.

I first heard Jason Snavely speak on regenerative food plots for deer on an interview with Christian Berg on the Petersons Bowhunting podcast.
Jason was on fire with a deep knowledge of soil health and a passion for improving the nutrient quality of the food the deer eat. Healthy deer means a healthier hunter. This message resonated with me and Ivette. We are dedicated to healthy eating and living. Improving our gut microbiota has been a mission for us over the last 12 years. We bought pastures and forested land a few years ago and turned our efforts to improving soil microbe health on the property. At the same time, I picked up Bowhunting white tails and immediately loved the entire hunting process. Now both of my kids have vertical bows and are practicing for the Fall bow season. I knew I needed to get Jason onto my land to see how we could optimize our soils and deer health (and meat quality). I wanted my white tails to be the most nutrient dense in the area, and I wanted to attract more deer to feast on our superior forbs: a win-win.

Jason was immediately responsive to my initial outreach email. He was super organized offering a few well thought out options for land assessment. We had a phone consult and he gave me some great pointers. Later he helped guide me through the purchase of a used compact no-till seed drill. I bought some of the meticulously sourced Drop Tine seed. Ivette and I broadcasted Arctic Bloom for the early spring frost seeding. The clover blew up in all of our fields this year. In early summer a farmer friend brought over his tractor and we seed drilled Summer Reload into two deer plots. The Drop-Tine seedlings sprouted quickly keeping up with the native grasses and clovers.

The strategy is that the improved plant diversity will lead to improved soils attracting deer to the plot. We believe deer have nutritional intelligence favoring nutrient dense plants over conventional high-yield nutrient-poor ones. Ever have a peach that tasted like a potato? You would not go back to

that fruit stand. It’s the same idea with forbs and deer.
In late summer we will mow the plots and no till drill Fall Reload and Full Draw 7. I will add a new plot as well and seed Fall Fuel. We are excited to introduce new seeds every spring and fall and hopefully watch the deer feast while establishing ecodiversiry.

Jason is an inspiration to all people that work in any area of life science including agriculture, forestry, wildlife, and human medicine. There is an intersection between our gut microbiome and the soil microbiome which is clear to Jason. We are what our food eats. We hope that our fields will feed many microbes, critters, and people with nutrient dense produce improving the health of all plants and animals along the chain. Thanks to Jason and the Drop-Tine organization for helping guide us on this journey.

Dr. Austin Fragomen